Effortless Cafe WiFi with ImProvider App and MikroTik


12/7/20232 min read

Cafes now depend on providing WiFi for endless customer devices, yet enabling wireless networks is notoriously complex and limiting for non-technical owners. Currently many attempt hosting WiFi by enabling Windows computer hotspots - but this proves unreliable, insecure, and unable to handle dozens of connections. Fortunately, the innovative ImProvider app resolves WiFi frustrations by radically simplifying deployment and management using robust MikroTik routers.

Pitfalls of Computer-Based Café WiFi

In the absence of dedicated routers, resourceful cafe owners often resort to designating an old Windows laptop or desktop PC to broadcast a basic 2.4GHz hotspot for customers connecting phones and laptops on the premises.

However this manual do-it-yourself approach carries major downsides:

• No 5GHz or dual-band connectivity - slower last-gen WiFi

• Max client limits around 5-8 devices - insufficient capacity

• Unencrypted data connections - serious security vulnerability

• No per-user bandwidth controls - heavy usage degrades all connections

• Splash page login page not customizable - fails to reinforce branding

As customer device usage explodes, computer hosted hotspots prove increasingly unreliable and limiting for cafes aiming to provide quality, high capacity wireless connectivity.

ImProvider App – Effortless Pro WiFi

Here to resolve WiFi woes for cafe owners is ImProvider - an innovative Android app streamlining premium wireless deployments by automating MikroTik router configuration. With preset profiles for cafes, anyone can setup fast, modern, customized WiFi networks in minutes without any command line required.

ImProvider eliminates the above pitfalls by making enterprise grade routers easily accessible to non-technical users. Simply download to an Android device, detect your new MikroTik router on the local network, select the Café profile and your optimized dual band wireless is configured automatically with:

• Fast concurrent 2.4GHz & 5GHz SSIDs

• Custom splash page captive portal matching your branding

• Per-client bandwidth limitations

• DHCP IP assignments for 50+ connections

• Ticket-based timed access capabilities

Plus with MikroTik hardware a fraction the cost of commercial grade Cisco or Aruba gear, ImProvider unlocks robust WiFi previously out of reach for most cafes.

Affordable Commercial Grade Infrastructure

Critical to ImProvider’s capabilities is running on MikroTik’s feature packed routers costing much less than rivals. For small to medium sized spaces, their hAP AC2 provides:

• Dual-band AC1300 wireless performance

• 50+ client capacity

• Cafe suitable processing power

• Under $100 investment

An unbelievable value proposition in prosumer hardware enabling commercial grade wireless connectivity.

Modern WiFi No Longer Out of Reach

Between MikroTik routers and ImProvider's simplified software configuration, deploying fast, modern, customized WiFi networks is now within any cafe owner's reach. No longer should cafes settle for the limitations of jury-rigged Windows computer based hotspots.

Download ImProvider today on Android and easily level up your infrastructure with the polished, high capacity WiFi environment patrons expect. Never let WiFi be a bottleneck holding your business back again!