MikroTik Scripts on github

Collection of scripts for Router OS

11/12/20231 min read


The main thing there is a large structured database of scripts for RouterOS (https://mikrotiktool.github.io/mikrotik/). In addition to large and complex scripts, there are also many simple examples such as blocking sites using blocking DNS requests, using Layer 7, blocking torrents, etc.

In addition to scripts, there are config generators that will help you configure the device. For example:

◽️MikroTik Burst Limit Calculator (https://mikrotiktool.github.io/mikrotik-burst-limit-calculator.html) - helps calculate burst parameters when setting up cold queues.

◽️Port Knocking Generator with (ping) ICMP + Packet Size (https://mikrotiktool.github.io/port-knocking-icmp.html) - a simple firewall rules generator for configuring Port Knocking.

◽️Simple Queue Script Generator (https://mikrotiktool.github.io/simple-queue-generator.html) - configuration generator for simple queues.